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  • UF/MF Membrane Water Treatment: Principles & Design
    G K Pearce
    Publisher: Water Treatment Academy, ISBN 978-616-90836-3-4, 2011

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    This book provides a comprehensive description of the state of the art of ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) membrane technology in water and wastewater applications. The book gives practitioners a comprehensive understanding of all key facets of membranes and their application. The discussion of ‘Fundamentals’ provides a thorough grounding of the basis of the technology. Together with the review of ‘Commercial Membranes and Modules’, the reason for the relative diversity of this field is explained. Readers will then be better equipped to select the most suitable option for a particular application.

    The book goes on to describe issues involved in ‘System Design’, including flux selection, selecting and sizing of components, and developing the process control philosophy. The major applications of drinking water, wastewater reuse, and desalination pre-treatment are explored, highlighting key technical issues, energy use, and cost. Procedures for monitoring and troubleshooting are discussed to assist operating personnel to get the best from their plant by identifying shortcomings or emerging problems, developing remedies, and improving performance. The final chapters illustrate examples of plants through ‘Case Studies’ and describe the issues involved in ‘Project Execution’.

    The objective of the book is to provide a description and explanation of membrane technology in the water industry, and to improve the experience of trying to implement a scheme. The book is essential reading for all project and process engineers, plant designers, planners, and operational personnel involved in municipal and industrial membrane projects. Also scientists and academics interested in the application of membranes in the water industry will find an insight into latest trends in commercial membrane technologies.
    Review by Prof S Judd, Water & Wastewater Int Oct/Nov 2011    See Review
    Review by T Pankratz, Water Desalination Report, 7th Nov 2011 See Review
    Review by Dr Irving Moch, Desalination & Water Reuse, February-March 2013 See Review


  • The Guidebook to Membrane Desalination Technology. Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Hybrid Systems: Process, Design and Applications
    M Wilf with chapters by C. Bartels, L. Awerbuch, M. Mickley, G. Pearce and N. Voutchkov
    Balaban Desalination Publications, ISBN 0-86689-065-3, 2006

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  • The Guidebook to Membrane Technology for Wastewater Reclamation
    M. Wilf with chapters by C Bartels, D Bloxom, J Christopher, A Festger, K Khoo, V Frenkel, J Hudkins, J Muller, G K Pearce, R Reardon, A Royce
    Balaban Desalination Publications, ISBN 0-86689-067-X, 2010
    G K Pearce contributed 4 chapters

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  • The MBR Book: principles and Applications of MBR in water and Wastewater Treatment - 2nd Edition
    S Judd
    Elsevier, ISBN 13: 978-0-08-096682-3, 2011
    G K Pearce contributed to part of a chapter

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  • Water-Energy Interactions of Water Reuse
    Ed. K-H Choo, P Cornel, V Lazarova
    G K Pearce contributed 1 chapter
    IWA Publishing, in press